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Fathers in the Classroom takes the anxiety out of fathers participating in their children's schools by making program enrollment and participation easy.   This program views fathers as an untapped resource for improving their children's academic future.  


Fathers in the Classroom is rooted in the principle that the presence of fathers in their children's schools makes a significant positive impact on a child's grades and behavior, leading to long-term academic and vocational success. 


This program is began in Los Angeles and has been designed with sufficient flexibility to adapt linguistically and culturally diverse populations on a national level.  In addition to getting fathers into their children's classrooms, Fathers in the Classroom offers fathers access to resources such as financial literacy and referrals to a network of services.  These resources are a critical component of the program as there may address underlying issues that are keeping fathers out of the classroom.

Class Schedule

Seminars held monthly. Call 323-268-3219 for more information 


4018 City Terrace Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90063

Email: info@plazacs.org

Phone: 323-267-9749

Fax: 323-267-0375

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